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My name is Alex, and I wear many hats in life. I am a proud husband, a father of two incredible children, and a former West End performer. I am a singer, songwriter, and above all, a storyteller. You can usually find me holding a camera, pencil, or microphone, because I live and breathe creativity. Without it, I feel lost and dare I say... unhappy.

People often ask me why I have dedicated myself to wedding videography, out of all the creative avenues out there. Well, the greatest stories are love stories, and they are rooted deeply in the characters. A wedding is a rare occasion that brings all the main cast together in one place. That's why I love documenting the love stories of other couples, capturing their special day and preserving their memories for years to come.

But the reason behind my passion for wedding videography goes much deeper than that. During my wife and I's long engagement, my beloved mother was diagnosed with stage 4 and incurable cancer. We realized that we had to have our special day while we still had all our loved ones with us. We also knew that having our wedding day documented through photos and videos would give us the chance to revisit those memories and our loved ones anytime we wanted to, to see the pride in their faces and hear their voices.

That experience made me realize that I could give that same gift to other couples. Creating heirlooms based around love, friendship, and the people who make those special moments unforgettable is an incredible feeling. Seeing the joy on the faces of the families I have worked with, knowing that they will cherish those memories for many years to come, gives me an unmatched sense of satisfaction.


So that's me, Alex, the storyteller, and wedding videographer. I am passionate about love and people and capturing their stories in a way that they will treasure forever.

Kent Wedding Videographer

- Our Package -


Our 6-9 min Wedding Film also includes:
* A Taster Film * A Teaser Film * Full Ceremony * Full Speeches * Bride Prep * Drone Footage (Weather & Location Permitting) * A personalised VidFlow page *

The cost of the package may increase for weddings taking place outside of Kent or scheduled for dates beyond May 2024.

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