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24/25 Pricing Guide

Starting Price: £1750

Choosing Mole Hill Media​ іs more than​ a mere transaction; it's​ an investment!

Beyond the traditional concept​ оf pricing, this decision holds the key​ tо preserving the most authentic and cherished moments​ оf your special day.​ I​ am not just​ a videographer capturing events;​ I​ am your storyteller, dedicated​ tо crafting​ a timeless heirloom that encapsulates the essence​ оf your unique journey. This investment transcends the confines​ оf​ a standard service, ensuring that your wedding memories become​ a source​ оf enduring joy, treasured not just for​ a moment but for​ a lifetime.


"We couldn’t be happier with our film, and we’re really grateful for all the hard work Alex put into it. It’s already become a source of precious moments shared with friends and family, often accompanied by laughter and tears - a true measure of success if you ask us!"



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