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Our Signature Trailers are like blockbuster teasers, delivering a thrilling snapshot of your day in an epic and fun-filled manner.


Share the happiness with your friends and family, and get ready to watch it again and again, getting you excited for the full film!



Our Full Film isn't just a video; it's a treasure that keeps your special memories alive forever.


Lasting about 12-14 minutes, it shows your story in a real, authentic and touching way, from heartfelt moments to joyful laughs. It's more than just a video; it's a timeless keepsake celebrating the beauty of your genuine love and happiness.



Unlike a guest book that might end up empty, Our Friends & Family Messages are filled with love and care from those closest to you.

In each video message, you'll feel the real emotions and warmth of your loved ones. These messages are part of both the main film and trailer, so you'll always have them to treasure, and you'll also get a special video with all the messages together, ready to watch whenever you want to feel that love again.


Make your wedding film unforgettable with stunning drone footage, capturing breathtaking views of your venue and surroundings.


From sweeping panoramas to intimate moments from above, it adds a unique and cinematic touch to your special day.



Immerse yourself in the complete wedding ceremony and heartfelt speeches with our rough-cut Full Ceremony & Speeches. Filmed using multiple cameras, we seamlessly transition between the best angles to cover every precious moment, accompanied by a light colour grade and audio tweaking.


Cherish the magic of your first dance with our Couples First Dance film. We capture every intimate moment of your dance as you twirl and sway. This rough cut is lightly colour graded, providing you with an unfiltered yet beautifully presented memory of this special milestone.



Frequently, I'm asked "Is it possible to obtain the RAW footage?" - Absolutely! I will compile all of your footage into a single extensive video and deliver it as a distinct file. While it's rough and ready, this comprehensive video captures the essence of your wedding.

Starting Price: £1750

About me

Hey there! I'm Alex, your storyteller at Mole Hill Media. I'm a husband, dad, and former West End performer turned wedding videographer. Want to learn more about me and what I do? Check out the video below for a glimpse into my world why I 'm so passionate about Wedding Videography.

Like what you see?

I care about providing you the most incredible experience, so I only take a limited number of weddings every year. 

I work with couples who not only value videography but the relationships, emotions, intimate moments, love and laughs that weddings create. 

If that's you, fill out my contact form and I'll email you within 24 hours so that we can talk all things weddings.

Starting Price: £1750

Contact me so we can start crafting the extraordinary! Capturing the essence of your story and transforming your wedding day into a timeless cinematic experience that you'll cherish forever.

Starting Price: £1750
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